List of Scholarships To Study Abroad 2024

List of Scholarships for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad 2024.

Obtaining a scholarship is a great way to get financial support to study at foreign universities.

So, we have decided to become an actual resource for scholarships to study abroad.

The sources of these scholarships we bring to you vary. These scholarships are awarded by governmental bodies and other organisations. Scholarships to study abroad are available for different levels of education, from undergraduate to Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Some of the scholarships listed here are those to study in a particular country, others to study a particular discipline, and those that are for specific groups of students.

1. Government of New Zealand Scholarships

The New Zealand Government Scholarship is Fully Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand. There are 650 slots for this scholarship which covers tuition fees, accommodation & other expenses.

The scholarship is available for undergraduate degrees, Master’s Degrees, and Ph.D. across over 300+ study Majors. Students from different continents are eligible to apply for these scholarships to study abroad.

Visit the Official Website of the Government of New Zealand Scholarships for more info about the scholarship.

2. Welcome UK Government Scholarships 2024

This scholarship is funded by the UK Government. It is for a Master’s degree programme that lasts for 30 months. The last 18 months of the programme is for an all-expense paid research project in a low/middle-income country.

Tuition, travel costs, and stipends are all covered by this scholarship. If you’re from a low or mid-income country or if your proposed research focuses on causes in low or mid-income countries, you should check out this opportunity here.

3. AIT Scholarship in Thailand 2024

Asian Institute of Technology Scholarship(AIT) in Thailand is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. It is available for Masters & Ph.D. programmes.

AIT, the university, ranks #1 in Thailand and 14th in Asia. Its main areas of focus are engineering, environment, and management studies.

This scholarship to study abroad is a full ride. Apart from tuition, it covers air tickets, living stipends, and more.

Visit AIT Scholarship in Thailand.

4. Edinburgh University Scholarships in the UK

This is a merit-based scholarship to study at Edinburgh University, UK. The scholarship is for online Master’s Degree Programs. All Nationalities are eligible for this online scholarship to study in a university abroad.

Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarship covers tuition. There are various scholarships being offered by the University of Edinburgh for different academic courses. Students of all nationalities can apply for this scholarship. More info about these scholarships is available at the scholarships and funding page of the official website of the University of Edinburgh.

5. Ireland Government Scholarship

This scholarship funded by the Government of Ireland is available through Higher Education Authority. There are 60 of these scholarships available for international students. Applicants from any country are eligible for this scholarship to study abroad.

The scholarships will be awarded through Higher Education Authority (HEA). There are several courses available from sciences to arts. More information about this scholarship is available here.

6. Holland Scholarship

Holland Scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education of the Netherlands. It is available for Masters and Ph.D. studies. This international scholarship is available for students from any country.

Visit Holland Scholarship by Ministry of Education.

7. CAS TWAS Chinese Government Scholarship

The scholarship is for students to undergo postgraduate studies in China. With this scholarship, you are to study at two different institutions: the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and (USTC), University of Science and Technology of China.

This scholarship to study abroad covers tuition, health insurance, monthly stipends, and travel. Visit the Chinese Government Scholarship to apply.

8. Rotary International Scholarships & Grants

The Rotary Club is a private body that funds scholarships to study abroad. You will be offered up to $25,000 to cover one year of tuition, accommodation, and other expenses.

Awardees of this scholarship are to study at one of the partner universities in selected countries. They are named Cultural Ambassadors, and are they are to give presentations on their home culture while abroad, and vice versa.

Rotary scholarships provide financial support in the areas of tuition, accommodation, airfare, transportation, and internships expenses. Visit the official Rotary Fellowship website to learn more.

9. Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships are fully by the Australian Government for international students. The available programmes are Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. studies.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is the part of the Australian Government that funds the scholarship. There are numerous Australian universities where you can study, using this scholarship. Students from some countries these regions are eligible Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East.
Visit the Official website of the Australia Award Scholarship here.

10. GREAT Scholarships

This is scholarship to study abroad is jointly funded by the UK government’s Great Britain Campaign and the British Council with participating UK higher education institutions.

This scholarship can be used at any of the multiple participating universities. Eligibility for GREAT scholarships is for students from 18 selected countries across Asia and Africa.

Each scholarship is worth over £10,000 towards tuition fees to study a postgraduate programme for a period of one year.

More info is available at the British Council website.

11. Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan

This Scholarship is to support students from Commonwealth countries with studying in the UK. It is funded by the UK Government as part of the UK’s commitment to the Commonwealth. There are 800 slots available yearly for postgraduate degrees in UK universities. You can study almost any academic course with this scholarship.

Only citizens or permanent residents of Commonwealth countries can apply for the scholarship. There are different specific scholarships that are available under the Commonwealth scholarship scheme. Most of them are fully funded which means that they cover your tuition fees, airfare to and from the UK, and a living stipend.

Visit the British Council website to learn more.

12. Singapore Government  Scholarship

The Singapore Government funds 240 scholarships for international students of all nationalities. The Scholarship is available for postgraduate education.

This scholarship to study abroad covers tuition, monthly stipend, one-time airfare, and a one-time settling-in allowance.

Visit the official website of the Government of Singapore Scholarships for more info.

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